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The Lowline Angus were bred in Australia from Aberdeen Angus cattle, today the breed is bred in Australia, Canada, England, America, Switzerland. Lowline angus are in Germany not a registered breed. Breeding conditions were set in Australia by the Australian Lowline Cattle Association and incorporated into the Canadian Lowline Cattle Association - both associations run a herdbook.

The Canadian Lowline Angus are the smallest cattle breed, but they are not affected by dwarfism. They are genetically polled and reach only about 60% of the normal Aberdeen Angus breed, which is in cows a hip height of about 100 cm with an average weight of 320 kg, in bulls about 110 cm with an average weight of 400 kg. The calves have a birth weight of 18 - 24 kg. The color should be pure black, even completely red cattle are allowed in the Canadian herdbook, but they must be specially marked.

What are the advantages of the Lowline Angus?
  • Ease of calving - small calves are up on their feet and loopking for milk straight away
  • Farm for the customer - smaller joints are in lone with what shoppers want
  • Cheap to run - lowlines will finish on grass so no need for protein or concentrates
  • Temperament - docile and easy to handle
  • Naturally polled - no horns
  • Good heritage - the original angus so a well-proportioned animal
  • Higher stocking density - stock 2.5 animals per acre
  • Great taste - beautiful marbled finish
  • Shorter gestation - calve up to two weeks earlier than most beef breeds
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