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Cattle have always been a passion of ours. Unfortunately, our usable space is very limited, so no big cattle were considered. We therefore started 2014 with 2 Dexter ladies. The fascination with the two little ladies made us want the herd to grow. There are already many Dexter breeders, so we have looked for something out of the ordinary. That's where we came across Lowline Angus. This breed does not yet exist in Germany and only a handful of breeders exist in Europe, so we came up with the idea to have also Lowline Angus for us. Our bull Errol and our heifer Fallon finally arrived our home in Germany at Christmas 2016. The joy was huge, in the next few days we quickly got to know her calm and trusting nature. Our two ladies have the newcomers immediately closed in their hearts. Now we were able to register our animals at the CLRC and the Canadian Lowline Cattle Association. In January came the long-awaited confirmation from Canada: We are the first in Canada registered Lowline Angus keeper in Germany (ID 5407979).
Sinde March 2023 the Breeding has been in the hands of Andreas Straucher, who is now continuing our passion.
For those who are seriously interested in keeping these wonderful animals, we are happy to assist and advise you.
Andreas Straucher
Blumenstraße 29
85232 Deutenhausen
mobile 0173 4455089
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